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Get Ready for Kindergarten with a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Morning Routine for the first day of kindergarten printable from My Little Growing Mindset

Starting Kindergarten is a major milestone, both for your child and for you. Getting ready for this big day is not just about teaching children the ABCs and 123s – there's a lot more to it. In this post, I’ll talk about ways to prepare your child for the first day of school by helping him feel confident and excited about learning.

Understanding Growth Mindset for Kindergarten

Kindergarten readiness means being prepared to learn and grow in lots of ways. One of the most valuable gifts parents can offer children is a growth mindset – a powerful belief that abilities and intelligence can be developed through effort, perseverance, and a commitment to learning. As the big day draws near, consider these talking points to foster a growth mindset in your Kindergartener.

Dad talking to kindergarten son about growth mindset

Start with Words of Encouragement

Even if you have been parenting to nurture a growth mindset from the day your baby was born, touching base before the first day of Kindergarten is important. Have a chat to ask about any concerns and set reasonable expectations. Be supportive in letting your child know that while there will be a lot of fun and exciting parts, some moments might feel really hard. It may not feel good at times, and that is okay. Getting through the hard things is part of how learning happens.

Be Curious

Before Kindergarten, kids are naturally curious about everything. Encourage your child to ask questions and explore things while at school. This helps them develop a love of learning and promotes independence in their ability to communicate with teachers.

children in kindergarten being curious and building a growth mindset

Effort Matters

When starting anything new, things might seem a bit tricky at times. Let your child know that it's okay to not be perfect right away. What matters is trying and not giving up. Even when things are tough, giving it your best shot is how you learn and do better next time. Instilling a growth mindset means that this positive attitude will come more naturally over time.

children in kindergarten learning from mistakes and building a growth mindset

Learn from Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, even grown-ups. Mistakes are like chances to learn and improve. When you mess up, it's not the end of the world. It's a step towards getting better. Take a good look at what needs to be fixed, and get after it.

Build Confidence

While it can be helpful to offer encouragement and praise, real confidence comes from the inside. Your child will build it through experience. To foster this self esteem, offer your child opportunities to take on responsibilities and challenges. When your child knows she can handle things on her own, her confidence will grow.

Growth Mindset Morning Routine printable from My Little Growing Mindset

The Big Day: Plan Your Morning Routine

Here’s one way to start building that independence and self confidence. Make a plan for the morning routine and provide your child the tools to handle things on his own.

Check out the download here, My Little Morning Routine: Illustrated Cards Printable. This printable will encourage your child to take responsibility for tasks and timeliness. It includes two pages of cute and colorful illustrated cards to cut apart and hang throughout your home. Planning a morning routine will start your days smoother and offer your child an opportunity to build confidence.

Growth Mindset Morning Routine printable hanging in home, from My Little Growing Mindset

Images such as a toothbrush, socks, shoes, and a backpack can be placed wherever they are most appropriate in your home. (I always kept socks near the door with the shoes. It was most convenient! ) These are visual reminders for your pre-reader, but includes labels for learning the words.

A few blank clock faces are also included. Draw in the hands to indicate when certain tasks should be started and completed. This will help with staying on track, as well as learning to tell time! See the instruction page included for a graphic of how it works.

Growth Mindset positivity cards Morning Routine printable from My Little Growing Mindset

This one is my favorite – the heart illustration. Make it part of the plan to start the day with hugs and positive words. It’s a time that you can once again touch base and build that growth mindset, no matter what the day holds. Having it on the schedule shows your child that building this positive attitude is a daily practice.

Starting Kindergarten is a remarkable time for children, filled with countless possibilities for growth and development. By instilling a growth mindset from the very beginning, parents empower kids with the tools they need to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities, and reach their full potential. As Kindergarteners embark on this exciting journey, let us nurture their belief in the power of effort, resilience, and the endless capacity to learn and improve. With a growth mindset as their guide, they will be all set for an amazing adventure in Kindergarten!


Growth Mindset positivity Morning Routine printable from My Little Growing Mindset

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Growth Mindset Morning Routine for the first day of kindergarten printable from My Little Growing Mindset
Get Ready for Kindergarten with a Growth Mindset



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