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Inspire a Love for Learning

Discover the connection between growth mindset and creativity with author and illustrator, April Hartmann. Invite her to your library to present this engaging art activity and a reading of her book, "My Little Growing Mindset." She will also discuss the importance of growth mindset for children, and how open-ended play and creativity can promote a lifelong love of learning. Spark curiosity in children ages 2-5 and encourage all to discover the wonder that awaits at the library with this valuable program for your community.

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Art Activity

A variety of materials

and techniques offered

Strengthen growth mindset in babies and toddlers by reading children's books and blog articles.


Engaging and

interactive reading

Celebrate growth mindset in babies and toddlers by providing enriching activities, projects and games.


A thoughtful discussion on

the topic of growth mindset

Nurture a Growth Mindset

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Program: Explore Open-Ended Creativity and Growth Mindset

Ages: 2-5  (All ages are encouraged to join in the art activity!)

Program Length: 1 hour

Schedule this fun and educational presentation today. Author and illustrator April Hartmann will be leading an open-ended art activity and reading her book “My Little Growing Mindset.” She will also be talking about growth mindset for children:

  • What is growth mindset

  • Why it matters for ages 2-5

  • Ways to protect it and strengthen it

  • The role of open-ended play and creativity 

Spark a Child's Creativity

April Hartmann is an illustrator, designer, writer and professional speaker. Her artwork is featured in kids’ magazines, on posters, toys and packaging, and she has illustrated many books for children. 


As the founder of “My Little Growing Mindset,” she has created an entire resource to nurture growth mindset in children ages 0-5, through books, activities and a parenting blog.

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April Hartmann

School Visit Program for Ages 6 and Up

April Hartmann is the author and illustrator of another inspiring children's book, “The Dream Keepers.” The story is about what it takes to make a dream come true, and the presentation helps kids develop strategies for achieving any goal. This picture book also teaches growth mindset, and is written for kids age 5-10. This program includes an interactive art demo featuring the Dream Keepers characters "Happy Thoughts" and "Hard Work."

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Illustrations by April Hartmann

The Dream Keepers, children's book by April Hartmann
Children's book illustrated by April Hartmann
Lunii cover art illustrated by April Hartmann
Hyland's packaging illustrated by April Hartmann
Teacup Pile-Up game illustrated by April Hartmann
Pittsburgh Pirates poster illustrated by April Hartmann
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