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My Story

Welcome to My Little Growing Mindset

It is the mission of My Little Growing Mindset to promote growth mindset in babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Essential for child development, growth mindset will help your child in school and in life. To do this important work, I offer helpful articles and eBooks, plus enriching activities and printables. 

There are also videos, games, toys and hard cover books currently in development. With thoughtful design, these products will be easy to use, making Growth Mindset concepts simple to apply. From the moment your child is born, this will be the new norm for parenting.

Books by April Hartmann about growth mindset for babies and toddlers
April Hartmann, author and illustrator of children's books, and the founder of My Little Growing Mindset.


April Hartmann

Children's Book Author and Illustrator
Founder of My Little Growing Mindset

I am a published author and illustrator of children’s books. My artwork is featured in kids’ magazines, posters, on toys and packaging, plus I have illustrated many books for children. “The Dream Keepers” is my first book as a published author. It also teaches growth mindset, and is written for kids age 5-10.

As a growth mindset author and an illustrator of toddler books, combining both is a perfect fit for me.

Why does this matter to me? It is because I have kids, too. As the parent of a 20-year-old and two teenagers, I know firsthand just how important growth mindset is to prepare them for adult life. I always taught them the value of a good work ethic. But looking back, I wish I had clearly understood how to put this into words when they were very little.


So it is my vision to create this resource, an entire brand dedicated to promoting growth mindset in your child. 

Starting this venture is my own growth mindset in action. I’m excited about all that I will learn along the way, but mostly, I’m eager to hear about the difference My Little Growing Mindset makes for you and your child.

The Dream Keepers, children's book by April Hartmann
Children's book illustrated by April Hartmann
Hyland's packaging illustrated by April Hartmann
Pittsburgh Pirates poster illustrated by April Hartmann
Teacup Pile-Up game illustrated by April Hartmann
Babybug magazine illustrated by April Hartmann
Babybug magazine illustrated by April Hartmann

samples of my client work as a professional illustrator

Lunii cover art illustrated by April Hartmann
Lunii cover art illustrated by April Hartmann

Casting Call: 

My Little Growing Mindset is looking for child models ages 0-5 in the Pittsburgh, PA area to feature in our educational video productions. Children of all genders, races, ethnicities, body types, neurotypes, and abilities are encouraged to apply.  We look forward to meeting everyone and celebrating all of the little growing mindsets!

Selected families will receive advance notice of production times and will be compensated. Please reach out through the contact form with your child's first name and age.

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