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Building Growth Mindset

Growth mindset can be built every day!

Is your child struggling with a new skill or milestone? These are teachable moments where growth mindset can be strengthened.

Books from My Little Growing Mindset show children that facing challenges can be fun!

Boy in Tshirt with Books about growth mindset for ages 0-5, written and illustrated by April Hartmann

Download these and start reading right now!

toddler boy building growth mindset illustration by April Hartmann

Build a growth mindset habit.

Each book has 3 short stories under the title theme. Right after you read with your child, give them a similar activity to work on. Practice using "growth mindset" language, and take note of whether or not they persist more than usual with overcoming that challenge. 

Please share your experience of these stories!

On the last page of each book is a survey link, which helps me develop new stories and additional resources. It's my mission to promote growth mindset in babies, toddlers and preschoolers, with a complete line of videos, toys and hard cover books. Together we can take this to the next level and continue building your child's growth mindset. 

Toddler girl with blocks illustration by April Hartmann

What is Growth Mindset?

Why is it so important for your child?

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